Part of the “Small Percentage”

When vaccinating your pet, the vet tells you only a “small percentage” has reactions to the shots. Last night, I was petting our Parker and noticed a lump, about the size of a golf ball on his right hind leg. I had that “mom moment of terror.” He was feeling great – following me around, jumping on the couch, eating/drinking, etc. So, my mind was filled with “what if” thoughts. Lesson learned: never Google “allergic reactions to pet vaccinations.” It is filled with scary, fatalistic conclusions. We were at the vet’s office at 7:30 a.m. the next day. She thought he had a bad reaction to last Friday’s round of vaccinations – specifically the leptospirosis vaccine. Since he is not exhibiting any signs of pain and discomfort, she feels we should not worry. But, to be sure, Parker will have to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills. She notes the swelling should be dramatically reduced and/or gone in three to four days. Here’s hoping this is just a short-lived allergic reaction and that Parker will be on the mend very soon. He needs a week free of neck-encasing plastic cones, invasive shots and foul-tasting pills. Long live our happy, healthy Parker.       

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3 Responses to “Part of the “Small Percentage””

  1. Gramma Reita Says:

    Dear Parker and family,

    I am so sorry you got a boo-boo from your shot. It is rare but sometimes there is a reaction. Today Uncle Steve and Aunt Jenny came to visit. They have 2 sissy little chihuahuas! (aarrgghhh!!) Their names are Nikko and Winslow. Uncle Steve said Winslow had the same thing happen as you did. He got the lump too! But it went away in a few days and Winslow is just fine, but he is pretty weird!! He doesn’t behave as nicely as you do (because he is hyper-active). So, Sweet Parker, we want you to know how happy we are that you have such wonderful parents though we miss you and it is very lonely with no puppies around here. Please tell Trish and Bob (mom and dad) hello and tell them that we love your blog!

    Hugs and kisses,
    Gramma and Grampa

  2. parkermblog Says:

    So good to hear from you! A friend of ours has a puppy that had the same reaction. That leptospirosis must be a potent vaccine. We’ll watch it next time. Regarding your four-legged visitors, funny enough, they placed Parker with Chihuahuas on the first day of day play. He didn’t know how to deal with their nervousness and high-energy. All of our very best to you and your family!

  3. Gramma Reita Says:

    I know some vets do not give the lepto vac unless it is requested, due to some reactions. Glad he is well, and that you received our post. We look forward to seeing his tricks. He is very young to know so much! Good job!

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