Double Dog-Gone Fun » 02 Parker and Izzy

2 Responses to “02 Parker and Izzy”

  1. Gramma Reita Says:

    Parker probably makes friends very easily. Izzy and Baylea are very pretty/handsome. Parker’s sister, Rubi, and his brother, Royal, are also doing well in their new homes.

    Hugs for all,

  2. parkermblog Says:

    Hi Reita! Glad to know his sister and brother are doing well. Please share photos, if you can. Yes – he is very easy going with other dogs. Sandy – Izzy and Baylea’s pet parents – and I coordinated a Cavalier-only get-together next weekend. I can’t wait to see Parker play with all of those sweet Cavies. I’m sure all of us will have big smiles on our faces. I’ll post this (and the promised tricks) video next week. He actually does a “high five.” It is just way too cute. If you are in town, please let us know. Would love to grab lunch at a pet-friendly place.

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