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Back to Basics

June 20, 2010

While Parker doesn’t chew on furniture, shoes or floor boards, he does give his bicuspids a workout on stuffed toys. He’s torn through a virtual zoo of animals including a cougar, giraffe, monkey and dolphin. His all-time favorite: my husband’s white workout socks. It’s like the child who chooses the cardboard shipping box over the new, shiny, electric toy car inside. It just goes to show that Parker, like many of us, enjoys the simple things in life.

Play it Again, Sammy

June 20, 2010

This was day two of Parker’s meeting with Sammy, a sweet-natured Bichon Frise. On the first day, Parker was a little intimidated being in a new environment with a new dog. Soon after, the two were BFFs. Sammy didn’t even object when Parker tried to snag a little kibble from his bowl.