The Mirror Test

No, this isn’t Parker – it’s his mom. Thanks to Crystalridge Cavaliers, we were able to catch up with Parker’s mom, Katie – who is now named Ella. She is living with a family in Madison, Wis., who love her just as much as we do Parker. In addition to bearing a keen resemblance, Ella has many of the same character traits as Parker. She quietly snores when sleeping, gets a kick out of playing with big, fluffy pillows, and is always up for a car ride. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to keep in touch with Ella and her new forever family.

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One Response to “The Mirror Test”

  1. Gramma Reita Says:

    Hi Parker,

    We love this picture of your mommy, Renee and her husband and friend! Parker, you do look a lot like your mommy, but you have your dad’s strong under jaw and muzzle! So, you are a delightful combination of the two. I must tell you, Parker, we are VERY sorry we parted with your mommy. Yes, we want to retire someday and needed to find her a good home. And, yes, her muzzle was a little pointed, or as the judges say a little “snipey.” What snobs!! And for that (I AM SO SORRY)we let her go to another home. We just didn’t know what a magical combo we had marrying your mom to Travis. Well, you and your siblings are proof, we goofed. But, we get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing Katie/Ella is happy and dearly loved….not to mention, spoiled rotten.

    Take care, and we enjoy your pictures and messages.


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