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MeetUp Made Me Do It!

October 25, 2010

“Oh, yes I did!” Parker couldn’t be the only Cavalier at the Halloween MeetUp without a costume. We found this little number online at But, don’t you think an angel costume is more fitting of Parker? 

Cavaliers on Wall Street

October 23, 2010

Since adopting Parker, I’ve become keenly aware of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It’s funny – you either absolutely love the breed or mistake them for Cocker Spaniels, or in Parker’s case, an Irish Setter. No kidding – I’ve been asked that more than once. The latest Cavalier sighting was in the movie, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” A great movie, given the dismal and eye-opening topic, made even better with the addition of adorable Blenheim Cavies.

A Heartfelt Thanks to DFW Cavaliers Club

October 11, 2010

After an initial examination, which involved listening to his heart with a stethoscope, the vet said Parker was healthy. As Cavalier owners, we know that an annual heart screening is a vital part of caring for our dogs. Dallas Fort Worth Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel Club ( graciously provides low-cost annual clinics with renowned heart specialists. The group has also helped us meet other Cavalier owners, like our friends Sandy, Mike, Kaylynn and Michelle, and continues to be a great source of information. A big “like” to DFW Cavaliers. 

To Post or Not to Post?

October 10, 2010

Yes, I went the entire month of September without a post. To be honest, I started thinking, “Have I learned all I need to know about WordPress blogs to apply it to work?” “Do people think I’m just a smidge crazy for writing about Parker, rather than my own exciting life experiences?” And, “Who really cares about the blog – other than my seven dear friend subscribers who include my mother?” Love you, mom! Then, it happened. A friend called and told me his brother and family adopted a Cavalier. He said, “They read the blog from beginning to end, taking particular note of the breeder recommendations.” Enjoy a photo of the recently adopted puppy Dash.