Green is Good

Just like us, dogs have a tendency to gain weight as they get older. Given the Cavalier’s pleading brown eyes and tenacious treat petitioning, it is easy to love our dogs to death … literally. As a small breed, the Cavalier is known for gaining unwanted pounds easily. To keep Parker fit, we started incorporating green beans – in addition to carrots – into his diet. Both veggies are high-nutrient, low-calorie treats. Our vet notes that owners can feed overweight dogs up to 20 percent of their daily intake in green beans. It’s like a Special K diet for dogs, huh? I thought this article was pretty interesting, too.


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One Response to “Green is Good”

  1. Sandy Pope Says:

    I think this is a great idea! Those eyes are hard to say no to, and they do love their treats! We had a dog that gained a lot of weight after we had her spayed, and the vet recommended substituting a portion of her food with green beans, to make her feel full. She would eat around them, so it didn’t go quite the way we wanted, but if Parker will eat them, that is a wonderful thing to do!

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