Precise Holistic – It’s What’s for Dinner

Ready, set, eat! Parker is just crazy about his Precise Holistic Wild at Heart River Line – Salmon. What’s great is the food is chock full of good stuff from salmon to botanicals to cell protectors. We should eat so healthy. Precise pet foods get top rankings from the Whole Dog Journal and the plant just received a superior rating from American Institute of Baking (AIB), an institute that assesses food safety risks and compliance. I’m not a Precise employee or have any financial stake in the company – just a consumer who wants to buy dog food without fillers, preservatives, additives, etc. The real kicker is the Precise price: just $18 for a six-pound bag.


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5 Responses to “Precise Holistic – It’s What’s for Dinner”

  1. Kaylynn Says:

    Rhett loves it as well. The cat is enjoying it as well since Rhett liked to share.

  2. sfindle Says:

    We are so glad Parker loves our Precise Holistic Wild at Heart River Line! (Kaylynn we’re happy Rhett and your cats like it too!) Would you be interested at all in providing a testimonial for our Blog – The Dish?

    Please let us know!

    Precise Pet Products
    The Dish Blog Editor

  3. parkermblog Says:

    Would be happy to provide a testimonial for Precise. Just let me know what is needed.

  4. sfindle Says:

    Can you shoot me an e-mail? – – thanks!

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