Who’s Your Pack Leader


Reading the book “Cesar’s Way,” I was struck by the “Who’s Top Dog in Your House?” chapter. Are you the pack leader or is your pup? Here’s the test: Does your dog jump on you when you come home? If you open the door to go for a walk, does your dog exit ahead of you? Does your dog bark at you to feed him and/or wake you up to let you know he needs to go out? Lastly, does your dog walk in front of you when on a leash? If you answered yes to any of these, your dog – not you – is the pack leader. I have to admit, Parker is the pack leader in our house – since I had to check three of the four items. Looks like I have some work to do.


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3 Responses to “Who’s Your Pack Leader”

  1. Kaylynn Says:

    But they are so cute! Have to say, like that Rhett wakes me up instead of going on the floor.
    Did you see my email from today on this very thing? Lol

  2. parkermblog Says:

    Just read your e-mail. Yes – I’ll plan to go to the April 9 event. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. preobrazhenskii Says:

    I am guilty as charged, as my Kirra is clearly the pack leader too 🙂

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