Baby Shampoo for Dogs?

We did pay lots of money for pup-specific shampoo. Last month, while at the vet’s office talking about Parker’s allergies, she said, “Try using baby shampoo.” Huh, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo? This inexpensive, non-tear, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic gift leaves his coat shiny, manageable – not to mention he smells like a dream. Given this new product choice, does he like bathtime more? Not so much.

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6 Responses to “Baby Shampoo for Dogs?”

  1. susan Says:

    great idea! OMG, Parker is so precious 🙂 i just wanna hug him when i see pictures of him 🙂

  2. Kaylynn Says:

    I have never seen him look so sad. Poor little guy. He does smell so good though and is supper soft.

  3. parkermblog Says:

    Thanks Kaylynn!

  4. preobrazhenskii Says:

    The expression says it all, my Kirra often has the same look after bath time, and I feel sooo sooo guilty. Although her coat is radiant, the aroma is refreshing and the admiring glances from folk – does mean I have done the right thing.

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