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Parker’s Precise Pitch

July 13, 2011

Parker’s first solicited, non-paid acting gig for his favorite dog food, Precise Holistic. The company’s smart marketing people saw a blog I posted earlier in the year and asked if Parker would act in a YouTube video. As you can see, he was totally up for the task.

Home Alone

July 13, 2011

Since Parker was a puppy, he has had separation anxiety issues. I read that most Cavaliers have it in one form or another. The other day, I left for 20 minutes to pick up lunch and came home to a distressed, crated dog with soaking wet ears, paws and chest. Our solution: Let him roam the house while we are gone for short durations (meaning five hours or less). And, it’s working. I envision him sliding across our hardwood floors, like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business,” the minute we lock the door. But, like today, my husband and I always find him in the exact same place we left him.