Home Alone

Since Parker was a puppy, he has had separation anxiety issues. I read that most Cavaliers have it in one form or another. The other day, I left for 20 minutes to pick up lunch and came home to a distressed, crated dog with soaking wet ears, paws and chest. Our solution: Let him roam the house while we are gone for short durations (meaning five hours or less). And, it’s working. I envision him sliding across our hardwood floors, like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business,” the minute we lock the door. But, like today, my husband and I always find him in the exact same place we left him.

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One Response to “Home Alone”

  1. parkermblog Says:

    A friend of mine always comments by email on these posts. Just had to share this one. “I almost wept at the thought of Parker all soaking in his crate. Poor little thing. Now that he is a teenager, I believe you are doing the right thing by leaving him free in the house for a few hours. And the Tom Cruise reference had me laughing out loud. Just touch the tv when you get home to be sure it’s not still warm from him watching Maury or Dr. Phil.”

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