Parker’s Precise Pitch

Parker’s first solicited, non-paid acting gig for his favorite dog food, Precise Holistic. The company’s smart marketing people saw a blog I posted earlier in the year and asked if Parker would act in a YouTube video. As you can see, he was totally up for the task.

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4 Responses to “Parker’s Precise Pitch”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Wow. Parker is a YouTube star!

  2. Kimmy Says:

    what a clever boy xx

  3. Momo & Pinot Says:

    Hello Parker! Thank you very much for coming by our blog. We’re happy to find Cavalier blog. Parker, you’re so cute and wow…you can act!!!!

    We will have to check out My Dog DVD.

    Momo & Pinot

    ps: We’d love to add your name to our Cavalier friends’ list. Hope it’s ok with you.

  4. parkermblog Says:

    We would be honored if you added our name to your Cavalier friends’ list. Look forward to following you blog!

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