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Home Alone 2

August 18, 2011

Parker’s crate was packed up and moved to the attic a little over five weeks ago. Since that time, he has loved his home-alone freedom. But, there’s a little glitch. Sometimes, we come home to find him at the front door looking out the side window, like this. At first, we thought he heard the hum of the car engine as it approached. But, I had to know for sure. I asked my husband to stop one house before ours to let me check. As I walked up the steps to the front door, I saw Parker. He was chin-up, eyes fixated and waiting for us. Thank goodness this doesn’t happen every time. His forlorn, abandoned look may cause me to never leave the house.

A Cavalier MeetUp

August 2, 2011

A group of us took a break from the heat to gather indoors to chat, fact-find and watch our Cavaliers play. The truth: I don’t know who enjoys it more, Parker or me? Our group has become somewhat of an extended family; a community of kind-hearted people who know, understand and speak dog. There is no rolling of the eyes when mentioning you take your dog to daycare. No one so much as bats an eye when you deliberate over which dog food is the most holistic. And, stories … we can tell stories about our dogs until most would flee, preferring instead to listen to the 50-dog choir barking in the next room. And, for this reason, I never miss a get-together.