Have Bag, Will Travel

Parker has reached his adult weight. He’s now 18 pounds, two pounds under American Airlines’ 20-pound pet weight restriction. I resurrected his travel bag from the storage closet to see how a full-grown Cavalier fits. He jumped right into the cushion-lined bag without hesitation. He just looked up at me, as if he was saying, “Where are we going? I’m ready.”

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8 Responses to “Have Bag, Will Travel”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Have bag will travel! He is so cute! No more growing or you won’t fit anymore little Parker!

  2. parkermblog Says:

    Yes, or he’ll be enjoying a green bean diet, huh?

  3. Brenda A Says:

    Have a wonderful summer trip!

  4. parkermblog Says:

    Thanks Brenda!

  5. nalasdogdays Says:

    Nala loves her travel bag, it always means exciting things ahead 🙂

  6. parkermblog Says:

    It’s funny, how they just know it. Look forward to following your blog.

  7. Marley Says:

    Hey Parker! Just saw you on Pet Blogs United and wanted to check out your blog. I like to travel, too, but Lady can’t find a suitable carrier for a long weenie like me. Hope you get to go bye-bye.

  8. parkermblog Says:

    Thanks Marley! Hope you find a suitable bag. Travelling with Parker is the best.

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