Parker is a Ruby King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He was born on August 31, 2009.  His father is Travis, Blaze of Glory. According to the breeder, Parker’s dad is from Wales.  When he came to America, he was honored with “Best in Show” – (which reminds me of the terrifically funny movie). Travis was also featured on the cover of The Royal Spaniels magazine, spring 2009 issue. 

We didn’t adopt Parker for this reason. We will not show or breed him. Simply put, we thought he was irresistibly cute – not to mention his sweet, gentle personality. And, don’t get me started on his big, floppy ears that get wet every time he sticks his tongue into his water bowl. He is such a wonderful companion to me and my husband. We don’t have to worry about him chewing or causing mischief because he follows one of us around at all times. And, every night, we spend time wrapping up the evening by watching television on the couch. If Parker is able, we hope to train him to be a therapy dog. 

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