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Saving Gracie

January 3, 2011

Just finished reading the book “Saving Gracie: How One Dog Escaped the Shadowy World of American Puppy Mills” by Carol Bradley. The book chronicles the amazing true story of the life of one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, born at a puppy mill and forced for six years to bare litter after litter of puppies in an unimaginable, caged and filthy environment. It also details the work of a brave team of people who inspected and closed the puppy mill – saving the lives of more than 325 dogs. And, highlights the angels – the veterinarians, shelter workers, foster pet parents and pet adopters – who spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to care and rehabilitate these voiceless souls day by day. After much time, patience and compassion, today the Cavalier, known as Gracie, lives with a loving family who didn’t know they could care for a pet as much as her. For those of you who love animals, I’d suggest you add it to your “must read” list.