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Bentley is Back

November 3, 2014

Anyone who loves Cavaliers has been following this tragic turned triumphant story. On Saturday, a full-court press conference celebrated Nina reuniting 21 days later with Bentley. What you might not have seen is that Nina, when beginning to speak at the podium, hands Bentley to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. A perfect PR opportunity … mayor + dog = votes. In true Cavalier style, Bentley immediately licks the mayor’s face. Wait for it. What’s his reaction? A grin and a smile. Then, he promptly shifts Bentley because he understands it will most definitely happen again. A priceless moment in more than the obvious way. Welcome home Nina and Bentley!

Parker Catching … Well, Avoiding … a Wave

November 24, 2012

On a recent trip to San Diego’s Coronado Dog Beach, Parker was introduced to ocean sand and water – both of which were foreign to our land-locked Dallas dog. Coronado’s leash-free, year-round dog beach runs along Ocean Boulevard. On the south side is the beautiful Hotel del Coronado and to the north is the scenic Point Loma skyline. It truly doesn’t get much better than this.

Parker’s Favorite Treats

October 28, 2011

Oprah has her “favorite things” and so does Parker. Top on his list is Paws Fur Treats’ pumpkin and cinnamon treats. They smell so good, I’ve even wanted to try one. And, these little gems are wheat- and corn-free, made with natural, human-grade ingredients – all for $8.25 per 12 ounce bag. Want to treat your dog, go to You will not be disappointed – promise!

A Parker Trilogy

January 9, 2011

Our Little Patient

December 15, 2010


What a week … we rushed Parker to the vet on Wednesday morning, after a long night of concern. He was lethargic, glassy-eyed, dehydrated and getting worse by the minute. The vet took his blood work and came back 15 minutes with a concerned look on her face. She said his electrolyte levels were off the charts and asked that they keep him overnight to monitor him and run a test for Addison’s disease. The next day, the test results were negative; but Parker wasn’t feeling any better. Blood work proved that he had an infection. Two days, an IV, hydration pack and many antibiotics later, he still wasn’t up to his old tricks. On Friday, our regular vet saw him and said, “This isn’t our Parker.” She examined him and suggested that he might have strained his back and gave him anti-inflammatory medication. After resting the entire weekend and taking his many meds, today he is back to most of his old antics – just missing some fur on his left leg. Wow – it’s tough (and expensive) when the patient can’t tell the doctor what’s ailing them.

To Post or Not to Post?

October 10, 2010

Yes, I went the entire month of September without a post. To be honest, I started thinking, “Have I learned all I need to know about WordPress blogs to apply it to work?” “Do people think I’m just a smidge crazy for writing about Parker, rather than my own exciting life experiences?” And, “Who really cares about the blog – other than my seven dear friend subscribers who include my mother?” Love you, mom! Then, it happened. A friend called and told me his brother and family adopted a Cavalier. He said, “They read the blog from beginning to end, taking particular note of the breeder recommendations.” Enjoy a photo of the recently adopted puppy Dash.

Happy first birthday, Parker

August 31, 2010

A Cavalier Meetup

July 25, 2010

The hot weather, coupled with high humidity, didn’t stop the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Meetup group from getting together today. Parker had a great time – even met another ruby, Buddy (IMG_0180).

The Breakfast Club

July 11, 2010

Parker and his “Breakfast Club” Cavies. From left to right, Nessa, Annie, Parker and Rhett. Missing are Izzy and Baylea.

A Fetching Time at the Dog Park

April 19, 2010