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MeetUp Made Me Do It!

October 25, 2010

“Oh, yes I did!” Parker couldn’t be the only Cavalier at the Halloween MeetUp without a costume. We found this little number online at But, don’t you think an angel costume is more fitting of Parker? 

Cavaliers on Wall Street

October 23, 2010

Since adopting Parker, I’ve become keenly aware of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It’s funny – you either absolutely love the breed or mistake them for Cocker Spaniels, or in Parker’s case, an Irish Setter. No kidding – I’ve been asked that more than once. The latest Cavalier sighting was in the movie, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” A great movie, given the dismal and eye-opening topic, made even better with the addition of adorable Blenheim Cavies.

A Heartfelt Thanks to DFW Cavaliers Club

October 11, 2010

After an initial examination, which involved listening to his heart with a stethoscope, the vet said Parker was healthy. As Cavalier owners, we know that an annual heart screening is a vital part of caring for our dogs. Dallas Fort Worth Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel Club ( graciously provides low-cost annual clinics with renowned heart specialists. The group has also helped us meet other Cavalier owners, like our friends Sandy, Mike, Kaylynn and Michelle, and continues to be a great source of information. A big “like” to DFW Cavaliers. 

Grill Mate

July 28, 2010

When my husband cooks out, Parker watches attentively from the moment he fires up the grill until he walks inside with the outdoor culinary dish. He knows he’s about to get a bite of marinated shish kabobs, barbeque chicken, smoked salmon or baby back ribs. The waiting is the hardest part.

The Mirror Test

July 18, 2010

No, this isn’t Parker – it’s his mom. Thanks to Crystalridge Cavaliers, we were able to catch up with Parker’s mom, Katie – who is now named Ella. She is living with a family in Madison, Wis., who love her just as much as we do Parker. In addition to bearing a keen resemblance, Ella has many of the same character traits as Parker. She quietly snores when sleeping, gets a kick out of playing with big, fluffy pillows, and is always up for a car ride. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to keep in touch with Ella and her new forever family.

Back to Basics

June 20, 2010

While Parker doesn’t chew on furniture, shoes or floor boards, he does give his bicuspids a workout on stuffed toys. He’s torn through a virtual zoo of animals including a cougar, giraffe, monkey and dolphin. His all-time favorite: my husband’s white workout socks. It’s like the child who chooses the cardboard shipping box over the new, shiny, electric toy car inside. It just goes to show that Parker, like many of us, enjoys the simple things in life.

A Cavalier Sunday (in video)

March 30, 2010

A Cavalier Sunday

March 29, 2010

Who would have guessed that Miki in Rome, Italy would be the catalyst for a King Charles Spaniel Cavalier get-together in the U.S.? All is possible through social media. More than 25 Cavaliers and their pet parents attended a Cavie-only social on Sunday. Good people, great fun and the sweetest dogs in the world! 

Never Say Never

February 28, 2010

Never in a million years could you have told me, “You’ll be sleeping with a puppy in your bed.” But, Parker has succeeded in weakening my resolve on this front. First, my husband let him take naps with him in the bed. Then, he was sick one night and, of course, slept in the bed. Now, he grabs a toy (or puppy chew) and hangs onto it until we pick him up for his nighttime nap. On this particular night, he wanted to bring his chewy bone to bed with him. So, he walked around with it for one hour as he waited for me to wrap up. For this and many other reasons, he is perfectly Parker. (Sorry for the low-res, fuzzy photos – had to take them quickly with my iPhone.)

A Comfy, Cavy Couch

February 7, 2010

To help socialize our pup, he goes to doggy daycare. The first day, the staff placed Parker with the puppies. By day two, they noticed he wasn’t interacting with many of them. So, they brilliantly decided to move him to the medium-sized dog area. We went to visit him that day and noticed he was completely in his element – playing with Cairn Terriers, Westies, Pugs, Beagles, Bassett Hounds and Cavaliers. At about 2 p.m., I noticed on the webcam that he wasn’t playing anymore. Parker had curled up on the couch for an afternoon snooze with three other Cavaliers. I wish I would have been able to catch that moment on camera. Priceless!