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Finding Our Cavalier

January 15, 2010

The first thing you learn about Cavaliers is that the breed suffers from heart problems. According to, heart mitral valve disease (MVD) is a terminal illness that afflicts over half of all King Charles Cavalier Spaniels.  

It is important to find the right breeder, who will disclose all information about the puppy’s as well as the parents’ health.  I found this post as a great go-by, when searching for Parker.  We talked to a lot of different breeders, but either couldn’t find a male Ruby or didn’t feel comfortable with their business practices.

We adopted our puppy, Parker, from Crystalridge Cavaliers  Prior to talking to the breeder, I had to complete an online questionnaire answering, “Where would the puppy stay during the day?” “Who is our intended vet?” “Why did we want to adopt a puppy?” etc.  When we made it past this process, Reita – with Crystalridge – called us.  She answered each one of the questions (noted above) and more.  I could tell that she truly loved those puppies.  Next, she sent photos of four-month old Parker.  I looked at the photos and knew he was our puppy.