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Parker Therapy

May 8, 2012

On Easter Sunday, my husband’s mom suffered a stroke. After a week at the hospital she moved to a rehabilitation center, where she is receiving physical, speech and occupational therapy. Since we are frequent visitors, I asked if we could bring Parker. Now, he spends his weekends getting attention from staff and resident dog- and cat-people. But, he’s always willing to give Bob’s mom his brand of Cavalier nap therapy. In just a few weeks, she has already made progress. Is it due, in part, to Parker’s therapy? I bet he’d like to think so.

My Dog is My Therapist

January 27, 2012

Does your dog provide therapeutic relief? Parker provides dual counseling to me and my husband. Check out this cute, for-sale tee that benefits a great organization, Therapy Dogs United. The group is selling “My Dog is My Therapist” tee shirts for $15 online: