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Our Little Patient

December 15, 2010


What a week … we rushed Parker to the vet on Wednesday morning, after a long night of concern. He was lethargic, glassy-eyed, dehydrated and getting worse by the minute. The vet took his blood work and came back 15 minutes with a concerned look on her face. She said his electrolyte levels were off the charts and asked that they keep him overnight to monitor him and run a test for Addison’s disease. The next day, the test results were negative; but Parker wasn’t feeling any better. Blood work proved that he had an infection. Two days, an IV, hydration pack and many antibiotics later, he still wasn’t up to his old tricks. On Friday, our regular vet saw him and said, “This isn’t our Parker.” She examined him and suggested that he might have strained his back and gave him anti-inflammatory medication. After resting the entire weekend and taking his many meds, today he is back to most of his old antics – just missing some fur on his left leg. Wow – it’s tough (and expensive) when the patient can’t tell the doctor what’s ailing them.