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Graduation Day

April 4, 2010

Parker graduated this weekend from PetSmart puppy training. One step closer to his therapy dog certification.

A Cavalier Sunday (in video)

March 30, 2010

A Cavalier Sunday

March 29, 2010

Who would have guessed that Miki in Rome, Italy would be the catalyst for a King Charles Spaniel Cavalier get-together in the U.S.? All is possible through social media. More than 25 Cavaliers and their pet parents attended a Cavie-only social on Sunday. Good people, great fun and the sweetest dogs in the world! 

Tug of War with a Bulldog

March 8, 2010

Although half his size, Parker challenged Figment, an English Bulldog, to a competitive game of tug of war with a stuffed zebra. The official ruling: a tie game.

Never Say Never

February 28, 2010

Never in a million years could you have told me, “You’ll be sleeping with a puppy in your bed.” But, Parker has succeeded in weakening my resolve on this front. First, my husband let him take naps with him in the bed. Then, he was sick one night and, of course, slept in the bed. Now, he grabs a toy (or puppy chew) and hangs onto it until we pick him up for his nighttime nap. On this particular night, he wanted to bring his chewy bone to bed with him. So, he walked around with it for one hour as he waited for me to wrap up. For this and many other reasons, he is perfectly Parker. (Sorry for the low-res, fuzzy photos – had to take them quickly with my iPhone.)

A Comfy, Cavy Couch

February 7, 2010

To help socialize our pup, he goes to doggy daycare. The first day, the staff placed Parker with the puppies. By day two, they noticed he wasn’t interacting with many of them. So, they brilliantly decided to move him to the medium-sized dog area. We went to visit him that day and noticed he was completely in his element – playing with Cairn Terriers, Westies, Pugs, Beagles, Bassett Hounds and Cavaliers. At about 2 p.m., I noticed on the webcam that he wasn’t playing anymore. Parker had curled up on the couch for an afternoon snooze with three other Cavaliers. I wish I would have been able to catch that moment on camera. Priceless!

Bob Barker adds Parker to his List

January 26, 2010

You know what they say, “Don’t kick a guy when he’s down.” That’s what I was thinking when I didn’t post to this blog last week. Our little guy was neutered on Friday. In Cavalier style, he handled everything like a trooper. He was amazingly resilient – even after the procedure.  For the first two days – due to vet-provided pain meds – he was a little less lively and just wanted to chew on his toy or rest, sitting in our laps. Funny enough, he doesn’t mind wearing the cone. I told him “He wears it well – dignified in fact.” We have our countdown. We’re four days into the cone and six days away from tossing it in the trash. Parker’s sutures are healing nicely and his disposition, as always, is bright. And, yes, Bob Barker, you can add another name to your list of spayed and neutered pets.