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Bob Barker adds Parker to his List

January 26, 2010

You know what they say, “Don’t kick a guy when he’s down.” That’s what I was thinking when I didn’t post to this blog last week. Our little guy was neutered on Friday. In Cavalier style, he handled everything like a trooper. He was amazingly resilient – even after the procedure.  For the first two days – due to vet-provided pain meds – he was a little less lively and just wanted to chew on his toy or rest, sitting in our laps. Funny enough, he doesn’t mind wearing the cone. I told him “He wears it well – dignified in fact.” We have our countdown. We’re four days into the cone and six days away from tossing it in the trash. Parker’s sutures are healing nicely and his disposition, as always, is bright. And, yes, Bob Barker, you can add another name to your list of spayed and neutered pets.