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It’s My Bone – That’s the Rule

February 16, 2011

You know the adage, “throw a dog a bone.” In Parker’s case, you can toss it but don’t expect to get it back without a fight. Our sweet, gentle dog was transformed from Cavalier to Pit Bull as I tried to take away his rib eye steak bone. It’s no wonder. I read that part of this goes back to wolf pack behavior. In packs, if one of the weaker, lower-status wolves captures a big, meaty chunk for itself, the higher-status wolves or pack leaders will not take it from them. It’s like a canine law. After Parker growled at me, I scolded him and walked away. He followed me around the house – with pleading eyes, a wagging tail and the rib eye bone firmly lodged in his mouth – until I forgave him. When asked to drop it the second time, Parker grudgingly relinquished his prize.