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The Pre-Rinse Cycle

February 27, 2012


“Hi, my name is Parker. And, I’m a foodie.” Our Cavalier stands guard while we load the dishwasher. If he could, he would fulfill the role of the pre-rinse cycle. His fortitude and self-restraint are admirable, huh?

Up, Up and Away

April 15, 2011

Yep, it’s that time again. Time to visit my mom. But, before we do, Parker has to get used to being incarcerated in a travel bag for four hours. We’ve been prepping him for a month. Wish us luck!

Parker’s First iMovie

November 11, 2010

A short Parker video shot, edited, created and posted on YouTube using the iMovie app on the iPhone 4. Hey, hey, hey Apple – great job!

Hasta la Vista E-Collar

February 3, 2010

Parker's e-collar in trash

After a Monday visit with the vet, Parker has been cleared to kick the e-collar to the curb. His sutures are healed and the swelling, due to the vaccination, has subsided.  And, it’s official – he’s five months old.

His Faithful Cougar Girlfriend

January 17, 2010

Preparing for Parker

January 16, 2010

Having never owned a puppy, we took our preparation very seriously. We read a ton of blogs, online websites and books, all of which recommended products. 

Below are a few puppy products that Parker likes:

  1. Nature’s Best natural puppy dog food (we found he is allergic to corn and corn syrup)(
  2. Prime Bites natural freeze dried dog treats (
  3. WallyBed pet beds (
  4. SturdiBag Bordeaux Pet Carrier (for air travel)(
  5. Petmate Kennel (up to 16” tall and 22” long)(for car travel)(
  6. Iris Pet Pen Commercial Grade (63”W x 63”D x 34 ¼”H)(
  7. E-Z dog vanilla-flavored pet toothpaste (
  8. Waterless Bath No Rinse Shampoo (
  9. Earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief (
  10. Top Paw dog brush (
  11. DermaLyte hypo-allergenic shampoo (
  12. And, toys, toys, toys

And, here are a few blogs/resources that helped us.

Elizabeth Taylor

January 15, 2010

Okay, have to admit – I was first introduced to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when watching “Sex in the City.”  Elizabeth Taylor’s sweet nature, confident trot and expressive brown eyes made a big impression.  I read books and went online to learn all that I could about this special breed.

My husband and I work a lot, so while we knew we wanted a dog, we didn’t feel it was right to leave him/her at home for hours alone.  With the advent (and acceptance) of affordable doggy day care, the door opened and we were able to adopt. 

To be honest, we had never been around Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  So, we called a breeder – who specialized specifically in Rubies – and traveled one hour outside of the city to meet 10 adult and six female Cavalier puppies.  I wish I would have taken video of our meeting.  My husband sat down to pet the dogs, when all 10 converged in his lap, tails wagging and tongues panting.  It was at this point, we knew we had to adopt a Ruby boy.  According to the breeder, a girl Cavalier “loves you.” But, a boy Cavalier “falls in love with you.”