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Now, That’s Sick

March 4, 2010

I woke up on Monday feeling terrible. Not lie in bed in the morning, feel better and watch Oprah in the afternoon sick. It was a full day of Billy Crystal, in “When Harry Met Sally,” “aaww, aaww, aaww” ill. I was concerned about spending the day with six-month-old Parker. But, he proved me wrong. He slept right next to me most of that miserable day – only getting up to make trips to get juice (for me) and grab a new toy (for him). By day’s end, all of his toys were in the bed. But, he was calm, loving and content in his day-long location. I’ve heard that Cavaliers are amazing dogs – and I’m a convert. But, on this day, I grew to love our pup (and the entire breed) just a little more. If you are ever not feeling well, call me. I have the feel-better cure for you.